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Fully-Synthetic premium engine oil, SUSTINA, is formulated to achieve higher fuel-saving performance and engine-protection performance as compared to conventional oils. With ENEOS proprietary WBASE and ZP Advance Additive technology, SUSTINA is the ultimate-performance oil.




ENEOS Fully-Synthetic outstanding-performance engine oil is formulated from 100% synthetic base oil and contains a carefully balanced blend of additives. The fully-synthetic properties of the oil resist thermal and oxidation breakdown while protecting vital parts of the engine, for outstanding-performance and overall superior engine protection.

ENEOS Pro Racing SN/CF 5W-40



ENEOS Synthetic oil is specially formulated for a clean and reliable engine. The synthetic composition of the oil reduces evaporation in the engine, protects against wear and provides high resistance against oxidation for the engine to run smoothly. ENEOS Synthetic oil offers superior protection and performance.

ENEOS Eco Touring SN/CF 5W-30


ENEOS Racing GT SN/CF 10W-40

(1L ; 4L; 5L)


ENEOS Mineral oil is a highly-refined, high-performance oil which provides outstanding lubrication. Its specially modified composition acts as an excellent dispersant which keeps the engine clean and reliable. ENEOS Mineral oil produces high-performance in day-to-day conditions.

ENEOS Touring SN/CF 10W-30

(3L ; 4L)

ENEOS Touring SN/CF 15W-40


ENEOS Touring SN/CF 20W-50