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ENEOS X Prime is the latest premium engine oil developed by ENEOS, Japan’s No.1 Oil Company, using leading-edge engine oil technology developed with major automotive companies.

Certified API SP / ILSAC GF-6 standard further improves upon the previous standard with enhanced fuel efficiency performance, Low Speed Pre-Ignition compatibility (LSPI) and increased resistance against chain wear.

Delivering a new level of ride comfortability, smoother and quieter engine with better acceleration performance.

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ENEOS X PRIME 3 Main Features

1. Ride Comfortability

ENEOS X PRIME is developed with a focus on “Ride Comfortability” which is our unique index. The unique blending technology of additives has realized a significant reduction in friction and reduced noise and vibration in the engine.

Newly set as our own evaluation standard. Evaluated by noise and vibration in the engine.

a.     Comparison of engine oil frictional resistance

b. Results of ride comfortability verification test using actual car

Note: Compared with our conventional products (same viscosity grade) of API SN/RC ILSAC GF-5. Performance may vary depending on usage conditions and viscosity grade.

2. Fuel efficiency

ENEOS X PRIME pursued further improvement in fuel efficiency. Compared to our conventional products (same viscosity grade) of API SN/RC ILSAC GF-5, we have achieved a maximum fuel efficiency of 2% for passenger car.

a. Results of fuel efficiency demonstration test using actual car

• Car type A (Sedan) Actual car test (WLTC Mode)

3. Acceleration performance

Acceleration performance has also been improved by significantly reducing friction inside the engine. Maximize the driving performance of the car.

a. Results of acceleration demonstration test using actual car

Note: Compared with our conventional products (same viscosity grade) of API SN/RC ILSAC GF-5. Performance may vary depending on usage conditions and viscosity grade

Key points of API SP / ILSAC GF-6 standard

1) Improved fuel efficiency performance

Fuel efficiency has been further improved, meeting the increasingly higher fuel efficiency demands of automobile manufacturers. Compared to GF-5 certified oil, GF-6A is required to improve fuel efficiency by 1%.

2) LSPI: Low Speed Pre-ignition compatibility

The rapid growth of Gasoline Direct Injections (GDI) engines and Turbo Charged Gasoline Direct Injections (TGDI) engines is delivering high spec power and efficiency. Facing challenges of greater engine power density – higher working temperatures and Increased pressure – the oil at the heart of the engine is working harder than ever before. The oil is preventing damage and protecting performance.

Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) events are severe abnormal combustions which occur in GDI and TGDI engines – when engines rapidly accelerate from a low RPM. Fuel and lubricant droplets, or carbons in the combustion chamber ignite before normal spark-plug ignition. In some cases when LSPI occurs, the piston cracks and the engine is severely damaged.

As the trend of engine miniaturization and direct injection continues, abnormal combustion (LSPI) tends to occur more easily in idling car engines. The new standard oil is required to have the ability to prevent this abnormal combustion.

3) Chain wear resistance

Most new cars are equipped with timing chains for precision piston synchronisation. In today’s GDI and TDGI engines these chains are working in more extreme conditions than conventional engines.

Increased soot contamination and higher loads, combined with lower lubricant viscosity, can lead to increased chain wear and the risk of costly damage to the engine.

In a direct injection engine, the mixing of soot generated after combustion affects the wear of the timing chain. This standard requires chain wear prevention performance.

Key points of API SP / ILSAC GF-6 standard

ENEOS X Series Motor Oil

ENEOS X Series brings the advanced technology and highest quality specification standards together in the premium engine oils especially formulated for the latest generation of cars. The new range in ENEOS product line meets highest emission norms and fuel saving standards, extends engine life through reduced sulphur content and helps preventing low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) events. 

ENEOS X Series of Motor Oils represent company’s philosophy of developing new technology and high performance, environmentally friendly products of the future


ENEOS X SP/C3 5W-30 is fully-synthetic motor oil for gasoline & diesel engines. Recommended for cars equipped with or without catalytic converters as well as direct injection systems.

Performance level: SP, ACEA C2/C3, MB229.31 / MB229.51 / MB229.52

  • Applicable for modern gasoline and diesel engine. Meets highest emission norms and fuel-saving standards.
  • Designed to work with the latest emission control systems and exhaust after-treatment devices, such as Diesel Particular Filters (DPF) / Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF).
  • Extend engine life through reduced sulphur content.
  • Enhanced resistance against chain-wear.
  • Protection against LSPI phenomenon which causes engine malfunction in Turbocharged Gasoline Direct-injection (TGDI) and Gasoline Direct-injection (GDI) engines.

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