ENEOS ItalSing Pte. Ltd.

ENEOS Oil & Energy Asia (EASIA) is the major shareholder and manufacturer of lubricant products with ENEOS ItalSing Pte. Ltd. (EIS).

EIS is committed to be the premier lubricant contract manufacturer in the region by providing quality products and services to achieve total customer satisfaction. Since starting up in 1993, EIS track record of flexible service, quality and timely on-demand delivery has become a hallmark of their excellence.

One of the key factors for their success is building win-win relationship with their customers. EIS is trained to ensure that customers get consistent quality products and services every time.

EIS product quality is recognised throughout Asia Pacific. EIS one-stop service allows customers to focus on marketing, sales and growing their business. EIS will take care of their customers’ manufacturing needs.

Equipped with flexible production facilities, state-of-the-art laboratory and a highly trained professional team, EIS is able to meet customers’ needs and demands.